Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Direct Current Circuit-(DC)

Direct Current (DC)

Direct Current (DC) is the flow of current in one direction. A basic DC circuit is illustrated as below

Quantities And Units (part-1)

a) Charge (C)

1. Electrical Charge is created when proton and electron charges are separated - it's static.
2. Proton are positively charged particles, while electron are negatively charged particles.
3. Electrical charge is measured in coulomb. One coulomb is the total charge of 6.25 X 10^18 electrons.
Formula :

Q = I X T

b) Current (I)

1. Current is the movement of charge from one point to another in a uni of time.
2. There are two ways of defining the flow of current; first, the conventional current flow and second, the    
    electron current flow. Refers to an illistrated as in figure below;

3. Formula :
I = V/R

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