Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Important Of Safety

1. Safety precaution is an important aspect in the use of electrical appliances.
2. A safe enviroment is necessary to avoid loss of life and damage to property.
3. Accident result from carelessness, equipment malfaunction and not adhering to safety rules.

Personal Safety

a) Clothing:

1. Wear workshop uniform.
2. Wear insulated,low-heeled shoes.
3. Do not wear any jewellery.

b) Attitude:

1. Report all breakdowns of equipment.
2. Inform the teacher for accident.
3. Plan activities before begin work.

c) Physical condition:

1. Physically fit.
2. Not eye sleepy.
3. Have good eyesight and hearing.

Safety Tool & Equipment

a) Insulation:

Method of protecting, covering and isolating electrical conductors using insulators to prevent the electrical current from flowing.

b) Earthing:

Method of connecting metal parts in an electrical circuit to the ground.

c) Protective device:

A device that reacts by disconnecting the circuit when there is an over flow of current

Safety Workshop & Enviroment

Workshop rules:

1. Ensure workshop has good qeration
2. Ensure workshop has enought lighting.
3. Ensure the workshop heat and clean.

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