Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Effects Of Electrical Accidents

There are four type of electrical effects:

1. Electrical Shock:

a) 1mA

Mild electric shock.

b) 10mA

Severe electric shock that causes burns and loss of muscles control.

c) 100mA & higher

Electric shock that could be fatal.

2. Burns:

a) First degree burns

sign of redness on the skin can be seen.

b) Second degree burns

Skin to swell and contain liquid.

c) Third degree burns

Reach inside the body and can causes failure of muscular function.

3. Fire

a) Class A fire

Involves organic-based solids such as wood, paper, fabric, and other organic materials

b) Class B fire

involves liquid such as petrol, oil, diesel, turpentine.

c) Class C fire

Caused by gases such as methane and butane.

d) Class D fire

metal-based fire.

4. Explosions

There are several components in the workshop that may explode if they are wrongly connected to power source. A powerful explosion can cause fire.

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