Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Capacitor, C

Capacitor, C

1. Capasitor is a passive component.
2. It can store electric charge in an AC circuit
3. It can be charge and discharge.

Function of capacitor, C :

a) Filter circuit.

1. To reduce ripples or smoothen the wave for a better steady state.

b) Motor circuit.

1. To improve the power factor.
2. To reduce the effect of noise to other equipment when the motor
     is on.

c) Tuned circuit.

1. To determine the frequency of generator and radio frequency.

Capacitance, C

The resistance to change in voltage.
Symbol : C
Unit : Farad
Component : Capacitor

                                       Increasing Voltage                               Decreasing Voltage
                                   Capacitance tries to resist                     Capacitance tries to resist
                                              increment                                             decrement

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